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Precision Selector Valves

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Primary Image SS Rotor

Control Selector Valves - Solid Stainless Steel Rotor

Bar Stock bodies are usually recommended for more severe service applications. They are also available in the widest ranges of sizes and materials of all Conant Control Valves. They can also be adapted to motorized operation.

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Primary Image Stack

Multiport Stack Control Valves

Conant Stack Valves offer various combinations of porting arrangements to suit your requirements for more simplified piping configurations. These units are compact, require low torque, and eliminate the need for gear sets and other mechanical arrangements while possessing the capability of handling up to five separate switching arrangements.

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Primary Image Venting

Venting Valve

The Conant Control Vent Selector Valve can accomplish in one valve what until now could only be achieved by using a number of selector valves. It can operate any one control valve while simultaneously venting to the atmosphere all the remaining valves connected to it. There are two series of Control Vent Valves: Series 180, which offers 180° rotation for servicing up to three control valves, and Series 360, which offers 360° rotation for servicing up to four control valves.

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Control Selector Valves - PTFE Rotor

Conant Controls' Precision Selector Valves are primarily designed for standard duty. The PTFE rotor eliminates the need for lubrication and contributes to long valve life. These valves are particularly well-suited for instrument air and other similar applications.

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